cover image for live show event free download 101 with orly wachter

So you have an awesome free download and signups for your email list are rolling in. You’re about to have a steady stream of clients, right?

Not unless you know what to do.

This edition of the RD2RD Live Show will show you the essential steps and best practices for converting your leads to paying clients.

We’ll be covering:

✅ What is the right way to follow-up after you get an opt-in for your free download.
✅ What features of your email marketing tool that you might not know about or be using correctly
✅ Describe a nurture sequence for new subscribers and what to include
✅ The importance of creating a customer journey and evaluating how well you’re converting leads to clients

If you want clear action steps you can implement right now, this episode is for you!


Special Guest: 

Orly Wachter, MSc, RD is a business coach who helps dietitians get fully booked and crush their income goals, without working 24/7. She’s also the host of the Health Pro to CEO Podcast.

Learn more about Orly here.

RD2RD presents a learning series highlighting experts with success in the digital world. These live, Q&A sessions will burning questions (successes and missteps), about the journey to success. No stuffy slide decks. Just a relaxed conversation with an expert!

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