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Getting Started as a Media RD

Getting your foot in the door – scratch that. Where is the door?
If you are wondering how to land elusive TV interviews and write for top publications, this episode is for you. We’re taking a behind the scenes look at building successful career as a media RD.
On this edition of the RD2RD Live Show, I chat with media RD superstar, Amy Gorin.
What we cover:
✅ What is a media RD and how to know if you have the skills for this role.
✅ Discuss examples of traditional (and surprising) work for media RDs.
✅ Outline the steps to get started with a focus on making connections and generating paying work.
✅ Describe how media RDs get paid and contract basics to avoid common mistakes.
In this interview, we’re going to demystify the media RD world and focus on key getting started steps you can do now.
If you want an inside look at success as a media RD, this Q&A episode is for you!
Guest Expert:
Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, is a nationally recognized plant-based registered dietitian nutritionist in Stamford, CT and owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition, a nutrition communications business. Amy has bylined thousands of articles and also completed thousands of interviews for top-tier outlets, including Parade, Food Network, Reader’s Digest, NBCNews.com, Everyday Health, and more. Additionally, Amy is a former nutrition and health editor for Prevention, Health, Parents, American Baby, Weight Watchers Magazine, and WeightWatchers.com. She loves to share her media knowledge and co-runs an e-course and media-training service, Master the Media, to help other dietitians get their names in the news.
Learn more at amydgorin.com.
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What is the RD2RD Live Show?

RD2RD presents a learning series highlighting RDNs or other experts with success in the digital world. Hosted by Megan Boitano, RD2RD’s founder and owner, these Live, Q&A sessions tackle burning questions (successes and missteps) about the journey to success. No stuffy slide decks. Just a relaxed conversation with an expert!

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