Marketing Your First Group Program

Do you have your sights set on offering your first group program?

There’s more that goes into a successful launch than you think. In fact, a solid marketing plan will make the difference between enrollment crickets, and a waiting list for your next round.
Learn what to do (and not) when getting your first group program off the ground.
On this edition of the RD2RD Live Show, I chat with Melissa Groves Azzaro about how she’s built a wildly successful group program.
What we cover:
✅ What exactly is a group program and pros and cons of offering as a private practice owner
✅ How to make a group program appealing when everyone wants 1:1 support
✅ Describe types of content and messaging that effectively attract and sell group programs
✅ How to use Instagram to drive enrollment to your program
In this interview, we’ll get a behind the scenes look at marketing strategies for success with group programs.
If you’ve set your sights on offering a group program but aren’t sure where to start, this Q&A is for you!
Special Guest:
Melissa Groves Azzaro, RDN, LD, founder of The Hormone Dietitian LLC is a second-career dietitian, after spending 15 years in NYC advertising. She helps women identify and address the root causes of their hormone issues through her one-on-one programs, her group programs, and her multi-6-figure online course.
Get business growth tips for RDs on Melissa’s Instagram account,
Learn more about Melissa’s business and group program at the The Hormone Dietitian website here

What is the RD2RD Live Show?

RD2RD presents a learning series highlighting RDNs or other experts with success in the digital world. Hosted by Megan Boitano, RD2RD’s founder and owner, these Live, Q&A sessions tackle burning questions (successes and missteps) about the journey to success. No stuffy slide decks. Just a relaxed conversation with an expert!

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