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Teaching Gentle Nutrition Using a Fuel Mix Approach

Do your clients feel disoriented without a diet plan and you feel unsure about how to guide them?
While you may be able to talk confidently the life changing and evidence-based benefits of gentle nutrition and a non-diet approach, you need a structured approach to guide your clients in their journey.
Learn how a fuel mix approach focused on teaching about macronutrients and meal planning can offer a plan that isn’t a “diet” plan.
On this edition of the RD2RD Live Show, I chat with intuitive eating expert, Jen Draper.
What we cover:
✅ Why teaching gentle nutrition presents challenges for those used to rigid diet plans
✅ How a non-diet approach can use structured meal planning methods
✅ Outline the My Fuel Mix approach and how it provides a collaborative framework
✅ Describe how RDs can troubleshoot common struggles when teaching gentle nutrition and support client success with non-diet approach
In this interview, we go beyond why a non-diet approach is needed and explore how to work collaboratively with clients on their journey.
If you want to learn how to apply gentle nutrition in your practice, this Q&A episode is for you!
Special Guest:
Jen Draper is a Registered Dietitian passionate about helping people have a better relationship with food and their bodies. She uses a non-diet approach founded in the principles of Health at Every Size (HAES) and Intuitive Eating.
Get a preview of Jen’s My Fuel Mix Macronutrient Guide and Meal Planning Workbook here: https://rd2rd.com/vendor/jendrapernutrition/

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