The InnovatoRD: Pro-Style Nutrition’s $10K First Year with RD2RD

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With more than $10,000 in RD2RD Sales in Less than ONE YEAR, Melissa and Kaneen Share Tips for Sales Growth on

Welcome to the RD2RD Innovator RDN Series! Each quarter, RD2RD features an innovative, creative, entrepreneurial vendor and his/her story. We want to share RDNs’ successes with you, inspire you to learn from them and help you create products that will bring you earnings wins, too.

Today’s Innovator RDN piece features Dr. Melissa Brown and Kaneen Gomez-Hixson, sports dietitian colleagues who have a joint store on RD2RD. They have taken their CSSD (Certification as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics) expertise and created materials for you, available on, that include a CSSD study guide, recorded lectures on various sports nutrition topics and a coveted CSSD mock exam.  

“We are sports dietitians with 30 years of sports nutrition experience who make products for sports dietitians! We encourage you to consider the CSSD – this credential may open more professional doors for you as it did for us,” Melissa says.

Get to Know Melissa and Kaneen: Sports Dietitians Helping Sports Dietitians Succeed

Melissa and Kaneen met at the University of Saint Joseph, where Melissa was spearheading the Athlete Nutrition Advising Program. Kaneen was a student who became a nutrition advisor within the program and quickly became the leads sports dietitian. Their partnership naturally extended to becoming co-owners of Pro-Style Nutrition Consulting, LLC

At Pro-Style Nutrition Consulting, LLC, Melissa and Kaneen help athletes and teams uplevel their performance, no matter their skill level. Amateurs and elites alike seek out their nutrition counseling for improved athletic results.

Melissa is a life-long athlete; soccer and taekwondo are her passions.

“As I got older, however, it became harder to perform at the same level so I started applying my own nutrition education to help my performance,” Melissa shared. “I was completing my MS/DI program at Rush University at the time, and coincidentally, I was introduced to the concept of sports nutrition. This was in the mid-90s when this discipline was in its infancy, and I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the pioneers in the field.”

Kaneen pursued a sports nutrition career following her own experience as a competitive athlete:

“I did not have access to a sports dietitian during my athletic career, including when I competed as a cross-country runner at the University of Saint Joseph. I specialize in sports nutrition so that I can provide sports nutrition education and services to athletes who then drastically improve their health and performance!”  

Melissa and Kaneen’s Niche Content for

Melissa and Kaneen’s private practice niche is sports nutrition counseling; they also specialize in helping other dietitians successfully pass the CSSD. If you are a current or aspiring sports dietitian pursuing the CSSD to improve your skillset and marketability, Melissa and Kaneen’s CSSD exam prep materials on RD2RD are a must.

“Kaneen and I help you achieve the CSSD credential and we help practicing sports RDNs re-certify and streamline their services,” Melissa shares.

Melissa and Kaneen’s RD2RD store offers recorded lectures, flash cards, study guides, a mock exam, an automatic performance nutrition needs calculator and a Quick Guide to Sports Nutrition, too.

Their most popular items include:


  • Bundle CSSD Mock Exam and Study Guide: a comprehensive study guide (112 pages) and a full mock exam (150 multiple choice questions in the same style and format as the actual exam) that help you prepare for and pass the CSSD


  • CSSD Exam Prep Success Bundle: Similar to the bundle above, this Success Bundle also includes recorded lectures that coincide with study guide topics


  • Quick Guide to Sports Nutrition: After years of making note cards and calculation sheets, Melissa and Kaneen compiled their expertise and learnings into the Quick Guide to Sports Nutrition. Their 21-page guide saves you time – no need to search for recommendations or formulas – the key sports nutrition concepts that you use every day in your practice are all here.

Melissa and Kaneen’s Tip #1 for Selling on RD2RD: First, Do Your Research   

“It’s important to do a bit of homework prior to creating your digital product,” Melissa wisely shares. “Make sure your product fills a gap or need.

As an example, years ago I sought a CSSD mock exam and scoured the web for one but couldn’t find one anywhere. I likely wasn’t the only one who wanted a product like this, either. And boom, our idea for the CSSD mock exam was born!”

We concur! Start by offering a product that makes your life – and ultimately your target RDN client’s life – easier.

Melissa and Kaneen suggest pilot testing your products by holding a focus group with members of your target audience prior to creating a resource or releasing a product. Ask members what customers would want.

“This is how we ended up developing our recorded lectures and flash cards. Customers told us this would be immensely helpful during their exam prep,” Kaneen shares. “You can’t ignore that kind of need – that’s a sure signal that your item will benefit your audience and will sell well.”

Unsure of how much to charge for your digital product? Melissa also suggests researching pricing before listing:

“Research pricing rather than picking a price out of thin air. Focus groups are good for this. Our price points came out of feedback from those who tested our products in the development phase.”

Melissa and Kaneen’s Tip #2 for Selling on RD2RD: Continually Strive to Improve Your Products

Kaneen shares: “You might hear from online content creators that selling online is as easy as ‘list it and forget it.’ I highly disagree!

Instead, it’s so important to continually strive to improve your products. Look at how your products on RD2RD are performing and how they are selling. Consider offering a free preview to allow your customer to determine whether the product for purchase will work for them. We want satisfied customers and providing a free sneak peek goes a long way to ensure that. We did this for one of our items and it has been downloaded nearly 200 times to date, drawing traffic to our store!”

Yes – fantastic point, Kaneen! List it and nurture it, right? If you ever have an item that isn’t performing to your expectations, RD2RD is here to help you figure out why. It may need a refresh, or it may need some marketing support. Start by diving into our resources on how to make the sale by listing the most profitable digital content possible

“Also, be sure to participate in sales and promotions that RD2RD offers – take advantage of their marketing templates and marketing moments,” Melissa suggests. “Promote the RD2RD site whenever you can. Increasing traffic to the site is good business practice for all of us and helps us all succeed as digital vendors.”

Melissa and Kaneen’s Tip #3 for Selling on RD2RD: Believe in Your Product

“Above all, believe in what you have to offer!” Melissa says.

We agree! When you believe in your expertise and your product offering, that will shine through in your vendor store. Think about it – if you don’t believe in something you are creating, you’re likely not going to put in the effort and that will be apparent. It won’t sell well, either. But when you put your energy and enthusiasm into your digital products, they just may sell themselves – well, with a little marketing help from you and the RD2RD team, of course!

“Believe in the power of ‘side income,’ too,” Kaneen says. “Creating materials for other dietitians based on content that we were already using in our own business opened up a whole new world for us and our business.”


Do you have your own RD2RD success story to share? Reach out to us and tell us how RD2RD helps you grow your nutrition business! 

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