As a Registered Dietitian, additional revenue streams can create income stability as well as increase our overall earnings.  There are many options for income streams including active routes such as consulting and public speaking, or more passive routes such as affiliate programs and advertising revenue.   Finding the right side-hustle should bring together both passion and practicality.

Creating and selling digital products is an excellent option for creatives and those that enjoy sharing ideas and resources with others.

Monetize Your Expertise with Digital Products

Selling digital goods is also an excellent way to monetize your expertise, especially if you have a great depth of knowledge in a clinical specialty, software program or business practice.  For example, perhaps you are an expert in pediatric diabetes and you have library of high quality education materials that you have created for your clients.  RD2RD features excellent examples like this ebook on insulin pumps for kids and this handout with snack ideas.

Selling digital products can bring you additional revenue, as well as grow both your credibility and influence in your area of specialization.

Leverage Your Expertise

While monetizing your clinical expertise might be the most obvious option, there are countless other opportunities to share your wisdom.  Perhaps you are an expert on utilizing a design program, creating food videos, monetizing a blog, building a website or utilizing a nutrient analysis software program.  This planning tool for creating food videos is an excellent example of a of product that leverages advanced expertise in a specific niche.

Translating your knowledge into digital resources such as ebooks, video tutorials, printed resources, ecourses and more is a way to both share your wisdom and grow your business.

Get Creative with your Passion!

The options for digital goods are not limited to those I’ve presented, a turn key resource for events such as grocery store tours, farmer’s market booths or cooking demonstrations are all valuable tools that you can sell.  This grocery store tour toolkit is a great example of this type of product.  These ideas may have you motivated to take action as you see the value of the tools you already have or created some excitement about taking on some new gigs that would build your portfolio of digital goods.

Get Your Products Listed and Start Earning Money! is a marketplace and a resource for RDs to buy / sell / share digital goods.  It is free to get a store and list your products.  No website or advanced technology skills needed!  More details and a video overview here.

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Published by Megan Boitano

Megan Boitano, MS, RDN, LDN, CNSC, is a nutritionist in private practice, specializing in helping families create a healthy relationship with food. She has experience with both pediatric and adult nutrition. Megan lives in Newton, MA with her husband and two sons.


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