Live video is a powerful tool on social media!   A side-by-side Facebook interview takes the power of video to a new level for your business.

The Benefits of a Facebook Live Interview

Hosting a live side-by-side Facebook interview allows you to collaborate with a colleague and share the spotlight.   It’s a win-win as you can leverage the knowledge of your guest to benefit your audience.  Not to mention, it is easier to have a conversation with another person than just the computer screen!

Tools Available for a LIVE Side-by-side Interview

Facebook offers some support to invite guests to join your LIVE broadcast, but it doesn’t match the power of a broadcasting tool like OBS is a great option but in order to do side-by-side interview that is longer than 20 minutes or screen share, you need a pricey paid plan.  Want to learn about a free option?

I’ve been doing live Q&A interviews on Facebook for the last several months.  In addition to being popular content on social media, I’ve also been able to share this content in a video library format on my website.  Additionally, taking small “snips” from the interview like the one below with Christin Morgan, MS, RDN, creator of the MyDietRebellion Society can be a great teaser to use on social media or to drive traffic to the full video.


Check out my 10 minute video tutorial that walks you through the process of using OBS studio and Zoom to do a side-by-side live stream to Facebook.  Give it a try and let me know how you use this tool!

Check out my upcoming live events on Facebook to see this tool in action.  The RD2RD Live show is Wednesdays at 1PM EST!

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Megan Boitano

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