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InnovatoRD Series: Meet Katie Dodd, MS, RDN, CSG, LD, FAND 

An Expert in Creating Supplemental Content, Katie Demonstrates how to Strategically Make the Sale

Welcome to the InnovatoRD Series where we spotlight creators from our RD2RD vendor community! We’re featuring Katie Dodd, RDN, today – Katie has carved out a niche for herself and her business in geriatric nutrition and care. She has a booming store full of relevant resources for clinicians, caregivers and even family members of the elderly on RD2RD.   

Katie’s materials are for those providing compassionate care during the frail end of life years. She creates content that improves the nutrition status of older adults, and her resources are intended to help the older adult to thrive in their final years.  

“I started my business via my blog, The Geriatric Dietitian. My business blossomed; I’ve been working in geriatrics for more than 13 years now and spread awareness about important geriatric nutrition topics.”  Katie shares.

Praise for Katie's Products

Resources for End of Life Care
Cecilia Fisher
Read More
This handout is just what I needed to guide my patients and their families when coping with End of Life nutritional issues. Resources for End of Life is very helpful in furthering my knowledge and comfort level approaching this difficult topic.
High Calorie Food Series
Molly Robinson
Read More
I needed a high calorie foods handout in a hurry and this is perfect! This is a such a nice resource for families to use…easy to ready and visually appealing. The grocery list and meal planner pages are a nice bonus! Thank you!
High Calorie Shakes
Kelsey K
Read More
A wonderful easy to follow handout. I plan to keep it in kitchen where I make my smoothies so I can refer to it as needed. Also plan to share it with others who I believe will benefit from it. Thank you for making it freely available, I greatly appreciate it.
High Calorie Snacks
Stephanie Williams
Read More
I’ve been on Google for weeks researching high calorie diets and came across this site. I’m super excited to start this. I’m a type 1 diabetic for the last 23 years and struggle with maintaining a good solid weight. The snacks are very simple and something I’ll be able to make and carry to work with not issues!!!

Get to Know KatieBusiness and Dietetics Combination 

I was a business major in college initially, and took a nutrition class as an optional elective. I fell in love with nutrition and changed my major to dietetics.  

Interestingly, Katie’s business background has come in quite handy. She uses her skillset to strategically sell her geriatric nutrition content on – we’ll show you how she does it!  

In addition, Katie has a second – yes, a second – business, called Dietitian Side Hustle, where she shows other dietitians who have more traditional dietetics jobs all of the fun things that they can do to generate income as an RDN entrepreneur. Katie’s mentorship and leadership in the field has not gone unnoticed by the RD2RD team – she is a true contributor to the profession!  

Katie’s Content on 

As a geriatric RDN, Katie is a Board Certified Specialist in Gerontological Nutrition – she completed this rigorous credential in 2013. Katie shares her vision for geriatric care: 

My vision is a world where everyone has access to a geriatric dietitianI want everyone to approach old age and end of life with knowledge, empowerment and hope.  

End of life deserves as much dignity, love and respect as every other stage of life. I am appreciative of those who came before me. I am in awe of the everyday caregiver who supports our older adults as they near end of life. 

Katie’s content supports these caregivers and clinicians – everything from a High Calorie Foods Series to stop unintended weight loss, to her Nutrition and Hydration at the End of Life Bundle 

Her informative, thoughtful content sells well on Katie notes that sometimes RDNs may feel uncomfortable providing geriatric nutrition counseling, and this likely leads to sales of her educational content:    

End of life care is hard. Dietitians receive very little, if any, training in end of life care. On top of that, it’s difficult to find resources to help you increase your knowledge and skillset in this field. 

Not anymore. Katie has your back!  

In addition to her popular products noted above, she also has the following paid materials available within her RD2RD store:  

High Protein Foods Series($9.99)  

Oral Health in Seniors Handout ($12.99) 

High Calorie Shakes e-Cookbook($19.99) and many more!  

Selling Strategically – Katie’s Supplemental Materials 

We promised we’d share Katie’s strategy behind her RD2RD success. Here goes!  

What helps set Katie apart in her approach is her genuine passion for geriatric nutrition and her generosity with sharing resources that support other dietitians. Her store contains free resources with incredibly high numbers of downloads:  

Resources for End of Life Care (520+ downloads!): This free resource compiles some of the top existing resources for dietitians seeking to learn more about end of life care. Katie provides recommended resources to help RDNs feel more confident in supporting the dying patient and their families/caregivers. 

High Calorie Shakes Handout (3160+ downloads!): This freebie helps you stop unintended weight loss in your elderly patients – or in any patient population in need of high-caloric shakes for weight maintenance or weight gain. Katie’s recipe for the “King of Calories” shake provides 1,200 calories alone!  

page previews of high calorie shakes handout

Many RD2RD vendors convert their strong-selling free downloads to paid items. But Katie’s approach is different. Her motivation is to share her passion via her free resources.  

“Most importantly, I love to continually learn and to help others to grow,” she says.   

Katie’s wildly successful freebies are not an afterthought – she spends a great deal of time on their development, with the aim of guiding people toward her paid materials.  

“I create a freebie that provides a very high level of value. It also leads to a paid product. I don’t like getting freebies only to open them and find out they are fluff. You likely don’t, either! I try my best to make really good freebies. My aim is to convert a high percentage of people who download my free resource into paying consumers.”  

And purchase they do! Katie’s RD2RD store has generated nearly 6,000 product sales

Her free resources also lead to awareness and visibility for her business.  

“Dietitians, clinicians and others find my content on RD2RD,” Katie shares, “which leads them to check out my site and brand. RD2RD has provided me with a reliable stream of customers that would not have found my brand without my RD2RD store.” 

Successful Selling on

We hope Katie’s story has inspired you. Take the next step – create a high-value freebie to supplement your own nutrition content! Become an vendor today 

We’ll let Katie provide the final words of wisdom:  

“Don’t let perfectionism or procrastination get in your way. Make a plan for what you are going to create, how you are going to promote it, and set a date for when you’ll post your content. Then, do the work. Do the work once and you’ll continue to make sales on the product you put thought, time and effort into making!”

Do you have your own RD2RD success story to share? Reach out to us and tell us how RD2RD helps you grow your nutrition business! 

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