InnovatoRD Series: Meet Brittaney Berendsen, RD

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Brittaney’s thoughtful materials for eating disorder RDs and clients have led to more than $2,000 in sales in just six months. Learn why her materials are in high demand!

Welcome to the RD2RD Innovator RDN Series! Today we’re spotlighting Britteney Berendsen, who specializes in eating disorder nutrition and treatment. Her RD2RD store is comprised of resources to help your clients liberate themselves from eating disorders, diet culture and negative body image. They guide clients in developing self-compassion, resilience, and peace with food and their body.

Brittaney shared with us that since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, 

"...I have seen a dramatic increase in the incidence of EDs and this means that more RDs are caring for patients who exhibit disordered eating.”

While this is an unfortunate trend, it presents opportunity for you to care for clients and patients who are experiencing EDs – whether they be your current clients or new patients. Brittaney’s resources will help you treat them with skill, know-how and confidence.  

Get to Know Brittaney: Eating Disorder Dietitian

“As someone who has experienced trauma, there was a time in my life that food and exercise rules were the only coping mechanism I could manage. I spent years of my life under a dark cloud of food fear, compulsive exercise, negative self-talk and self-loathing.

In reclaiming my life from an eating disorder and complex trauma, I found strength and purpose. The full and vibrant life that I built for myself became a passion I had to share with others.

From a young age, I had always known that I wanted to help others, and this desire, paired with my own lived experience, became a real driving force for the trajectory of my career.”

That’s a very personal and real connection to the work that you do, Brittaney.

“Yes – it has certainly helps me relate to my clients. EDs are often thought of as being just about food fears and negative body image. In reality, EDs are an attempt to cope with difficult emotions and experiences that present as being about food and body image.

Moreover, body image is the number one predictor of a relapse in recovery. In conjunction with a mental health provider, RDs with sufficient training, supervision and professional development are a vital resource for their clients to feel better about their body and what it can do.

As a classically trained RD, I’ve had to do a tremendous amount of additional professional development (and continue to!) in order to really help those living with EDs.” (Speaking of which – hone your ED and intuitive eating skills via these professional development resources).


"I love that nutrition is at the center of my work but that I also get to work within the fascinating intersections of mental health and physical health, EDs and trauma, as well as relationship with food and body image.”

Brittaney’s expertise in this niche has led to her success on RD2RD.

Brittaney’s Content on provides resources for dietitians – by dietitians. Brittaney’s ED resources are incredibly thoughtful and well-planned. Let’s dive into her approach:

“In the case of the clients who I work with, comprehension and understanding of nutrition concepts are further complicated by malnourishment. Aside from that, everyone learns differently! Early on in my work as an ED RD, I quickly realized that visual and take-home resources were imperative to help with the relation of information and understanding.

Upon embarking into my specialization, I found that standard nutrition handouts did not always embody a food-inclusive approach to nutrition. Sometimes, they even contained potentially triggering information – for example, ‘swap this for that, avoid refined sugars etc.’

Moreover, I felt that many resources did not take into account marginalized identities, past traumas, co-current mental health diagnoses or other complex barriers that those with EDs often face. In recognizing this deficit, I create client and family resources from the current research that present information in a holistic and food-inclusive way.

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Way to recognize a need and create materials that fill that void, Brittaney. You’re a shining example. And we have no doubt that many ED clients are finding peace with food as a result.

Brittaney’s content supports ED RDs, and include The Ultimate Eating Disorder Gentle Nutrition Bundle, which has amassed more than 50 downloads, bringing Brittaney more than $1500 in income! Brittaney shares:

“By far, my favorite piece on my RD2RD store is the Ultimate Eating Disorder Gentle Nutrition Bundle! It is a comprehensive eating disorder client education package for RDs caring for clients with Anorexia, ARFID, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and disordered eating patterns. It includes crucial concepts to take clients through the early work and early stages of recovery and is complemented well by exchange-based meal planning, Rule of Threes, and Intuitive eating.”

Ultimate Eating Disorder Bundle
Eileen Pierro
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I really like the presentation of the materials. The information is clearly presented easy to follow and understand. They have reliable sources of information.

Making Side Income – $2000+ so far

In just six months as an RD2RD vendor, Brittaney’s 20 products on have drawn more than $2000 in sales! Her other popular items include:

Watch this space! Brittaney will soon be launching a new and requested body image bundle.

And you can do the same!

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Designing and Selling Smart – Brittaney’s Approach

What is your secret sauce to creating winning materials for other dietitians, Brittaney?

“When creating resources, I always consider:

  • Would I use this handout or activity in my own practice?
  • Can I think of an instance with a client where this information or activity would be helpful?
  • How can I illustrate this concept for improved comprehension and understanding?
  • Can I offer a freebie to draw sales to my higher-price point content?
  • How can I visually demonstrate what my materials contain to help make the sale? Note that you’ll see ALL of my materials lean into providing previews of the content.

All of the resources in my RD2RD store are ones that I use for my own practice; which means they are tested with clients before they are made available for sale! Often, my inspiration for a new resource comes from a client need or from my own learning about new concepts and approaches with the ED population.”

That makes absolute sense, Brittaney. And it makes us think, readers, of the opportunities out there for you to create materials. What are YOUR clients asking YOU for? Can you create a resource for them based on their needs? YES! And it’s likely that other dietitians will benefit from having this resource, too.

Final Words of Wisdom 

Brittaney, do you have any final advice to someone who has yet to set up an RD2RD store?

            “Yes! Here is what I’ve learned:

  • First, I’m often asked how long it takes to create my resources. On average, I would say creating a 2-3 page resource may take 1-4 hours. But that time investment is so worth it.
  • Create templates using similar fonts, layout and colors in whatever program you use to make your resources and descriptor images. This helps you to keep things consistent and reduces any hassle of formatting for each resource or graphic you create.
  • Keep a document with key terms, phrases and your copyright information handy for creating the resource descriptions.

RD2RD has helped to increase awareness of my practice, brought more traffic to my website, and allowed me to network with other ED RDs. It’s a win win – I highly recommend creating your own RD2RD vendor store!”  

We hope Britanney’s story has inspired you. Take the next step – become an vendor today 


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