The InnovatoRD: Workshop Toolkits Earn Big for Aprylle Deasey

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With $2,000+ in RD2RD Sales in One Year, Aprylle Shares How to Create Content that Sells 

Welcome back to the RD2RD Innovator RDN Series! Today’s featured RDN is a creative, entrepreneurial vendor, Aprylle Deasey, MS, RD, CDN. Aprylle is a private practice dietitian with a focus on nutrition education, namely in preconception, prenatal, and postpartum nutrition and health. 

She has taken her engaging educational workshops and turned them into bestselling, done-for-you toolkits. Her content covers both general nutrition education plus nutrition information for moms-to-be and new moms. 

“My workshops are designed for dietitians and nutrition professionals who want to make an impact in their communities – either virtually or online – through nutrition education,” Aprylle says.

Praise for Aprylle's Products

Teri Cooper
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Great powerpoint that hits on all the key components of fad diets!
Rawan Abdalla
Read More
I’m teaching some basic nutrition workshops to families and this is exactly what I was looking for. Such a steal for everything that’s included! 4 wonderful, engaging presentations with handouts and lesson plans as well! Thank you!
Mary Angela Miller
Simple, Straightforward, Helpfu!
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Simple, straightforward, helpful! So many time the important info is glossed over with too much info! Not the case here.
Kelsey K
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I like how quick this handout is to read! No extra fluff or unnecessary graphics. Would be easy to print smaller to be able to give clients to keep in a wallet/purse for reference at the grocery store.

Get to Know Aprylle: From Biology to Dietitian

Aprylle, like many of you, found her dietetics path in a roundabout manner.  

“I initially discovered the profession in high school, but the only roles I could find for dietitians at the time were either in the hospital or food service. Neither path appealed to me, so I became a biology major and trialed other career paths before going on to become a dietitian 

Four years later, I established my brand: The Teaching Dietitian. Preventative healthcare is so important, and it was the space that drew me to nutrition in the first place. RDNs have a leg up here because we can guide clients to make healthier decisions for their bodies in ways that other healthcare professionals can’t.” 

Aprylle’s Workshop Content on 

“My RD2RD content encompasses all educational pieces a dietitian might use to educate in their own community or private practice,” Aprylle shares. “There are done-for-you workshop toolkits – simply download and customize before presenting to your groups. 

“I also provide workbooks for participants and guidebooks for dietitians to create their own powerful workshops. I started my dietetics career in nutrition education for SNAP-eligible families in my community; since then I’ve never really stopped putting on the ‘teacher’ hat.” 

Aprylle has carved out a niche on RD2RD as the “workshop toolkit” store. Her content is impactful, simple, educational and effective.  

“My ‘4E’ format: Engage my audience, Expand their knowledge-base, Exercise the new skills, and Elevate those skills is present in all of my workshop toolkits, helping to drive home lasting change.” 

Ready to offer winning workshops to your clients and groups? Check out Aprylle’s most popular kits within her RD2RD store 

Cracking Fad Diets Workshop

Aprylle’s Cracking Fad Diets workshop toolkit is designed for in person and online settings, and is perfect for helping adults critically assess fad diets and why they don’t work.  

“This is one of my favorite products,” Aprylle notes. “This toolkit offers dietitians a toolkit plus customizable script on the topic of busting fad diets for workshop participants. We all get questions about fad diets – this is your catch-all for setting the record straight!”

Healthy Holiday Eating Workshop

This workshop engages groups with thought-provoking questions about barriers to healthy holiday eating. The workshop contains a PowerPoint deck, lesson plan, activity worksheet and Healthy Holiday Eating Road Map freebie  

Customers agree!

“Easy to use and simple as the title says!”

“I like the clear simple messages relayed in this handout.”

Prenatal Nutrition 101 Workshop Toolkit:

This jam-packed toolkit includes a PowerPoint presentation, lesson plan outline, Prenatal Supplements 101 reference sheet, Food Safety during Pregnancy reference sheet and much more. This is one of Aprylle’s favorites. She shares:

“After immersing myself in the prenatal nutrition space, it’s become evident how outdated the recommendations for pregnancy nutrition are. This workshop toolkit provides updated information for RDs so they can convey the nutritional requirements for pregnancy. It also provides an engaging educational opportunity for workshop participants to bust common prenatal nutrition myths.”

Aprylle’s Tip #1 for Selling on RD2RD: Start Now – You Don’t Need to be an Online Megastar to Create Content 

Aprylle is growing her online presence – her website is in the works, and she has established her brand on Instagram and Facebook 

This goes to show that you don’t need to have a high-traffic site or a thousands followers to be a smashing success on RD2RD!  

“I improved upon workshops that I had created in my early RD days,” Aprylle says. “I participated in the RDN Creator’s Challenge through RD2RD and since then have been consistently adding to my store and improving product offerings for RDs!”  

Aprylle’s Tip #2 for Selling on RD2RD: Provide Add-Ons 

Aprylle has followed the tried and true approach of drawing traffic to her store with free resources to ultimately sell a paid item.  

“For most of my products, I give the participant handout as a freebie. This valuable content draws eyes to my site and helps sell the larger toolkit or bundle. I highly suggest you do the same – it works! 

Aprylle’s Tip #3 for Selling on RD2RD: Create Engaging Content 

Engaging content is a must – your workshop participants want to walk away feeling inspired and excited to improve their health!  

“Check out my guest appearance on the RD2RD Live Show where I talked about my ‘4E’ approach to creating engaging presentations. You’ll be sure to impress your clients and groups – which will result in repeat sessions for your business.”   

When Aprylle first started her RD2RD store, she saw average monthly sales of $20/month; but now, with more than 30 beautiful, high-impact products in her store she is averaging an impressive $250 in monthly sales!  

Take the next step and become an RD2RD vendor today! 

Do you have your own RD2RD success story to share? Reach out to us and tell us how RD2RD helps you grow your nutrition business! 

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