Dietitian’s Guide to Creating Canva Templates to Share and Sell

If you’re a dietitian running your own online business or are creating nutrition resources for your clients, the odds are that you’re using Canva to create your content. And if you are using the Canva platform, you’re not alone. As of 2020, close to 2 billion designs have been made by individuals in 190 countries; the company is valued at upwards of $3.2 billion (CNBC).

Canva is used to create handouts, social media posts, posters, lesson plans and much more. Templates oftentimes make designing educational nutrition materials or marketing materials more approachable than if you were to start from scratch.

Many of you, as RD2RD dietitian vendors, already use Canva to create your downloadable digital products. If you’re like us here at RD2RD, you love Canva: you have design elements and templates at your fingertips.

But what if you want to take this to the next level and create your own nutrition resource templates in Canva? Ones that you create to share and sell with others for their own customization and use? You can!

A template provides for the simplicity of having your own design at the ready; a well-designed, eye-catching one that you can update at any time.

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What is a Canva Template?

Let’s start with the basics.

Canva appears to offer an endless supply of design templates for use; there are more than 50,000 templates, in fact!

Using a well-designed template as a starting point can dramatically improve the quality of your final product and save you time. You might use a simple Instagram post template or postcard template from the platform, for example, for simple social posts and marketing efforts.

Finding the perfect template within Canva can sometimes be a challenge, however. Learn how to find a Canva template for your use, and how to customize it to fit your needs in our post, “Design Your Own Client Handouts in 3 Easy Steps.”

Or – consider creating your own. Read on to take this to the next level!

Benefits for Creating Your Own Design Template

But what if you’re just not finding the perfect template for your 5-page handout on elimination diets? Or what if you want to create a series of content on mindful eating and you’re just not finding a pre-made template that would be suitable for your clientele?

Or think of others’ resources that you may have purchased in the past – perhaps it is in PDF form, a JPG or a PNG image. You’d like to re-use the template with your own clients, but again, there’s always something that you’d like to change but yet, you can’t.

This is where creating your own, editable, customizable templates within Canva is golden. You create them and use them as your own. They are superior in terms of design and content than anything you have found on Canva. They are must-haves and other dietitians will flock to them, too!

You then sell them with others via your RD2RD store and they have the freedom to edit and customize for their own use – for example, add their own logo, change company name, add a section here, a section there – you get the idea!

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Getting Started Creating Your Own Canva Templates

Let’s set you up to create your very own Canva design templates from scratch. And no, you don’t need to be a Canva Pro subscriber to create your very own templates. 

Canva provides a walk-through for creating your own design template; we suggest giving this a read and sourcing various tutorials to ensure your creation is thoughtfully-designed, compelling and a must-have for other dietitians and healthcare professionals.

Of note, you’ll want to consider:

What is the design template purpose?

Think about the why behind your creation – why is this template needed, who is it for, and how will they benefit?

What is the right design template type? 

Are you creating a presentation, client educational handout, client document, a workbook, a worksheet? What is your ideal length and format? Give careful consideration to your material type before jumping in; make sure it aligns with your design template purpose

Which design elements are most effective?

Think through layout, content, dimensions, font, imagery, etc. for your template prior to getting started.

RD2RD provides a set of 18 designer-created Canva templates. These are available free for vendors with a premium membership or for purchase. These have been designed for creating nutrition handouts and worksheets. We wanted to give you a pop of inspiration before we send you off to create your own!

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nutriFoodie: One Dietitian’s Canva Design Template Success

Canva templates can command a high price point and are desired by other dietitians. Cristel Moubarak, of nutriFoodie, has created several stunning editable Canva templates for purchase, available within her vendor store on

Looking for inspiration? Check out the following templates that Cristel has created.

You’ll notice the higher price point that you can command on such templates. Cristel has earned thousands from her Canva templates on RD2RD in just the past year alone!

Cristel excels at creating a top notch product listing including a comprehensive product description and appealing featured image. Given the price point of her resources, these elements are even more essential for all-up design template success.

Meal Planning Guide, Basics of Cooking, Food Storage and Staple Recipes – Canva Template

This editable, whitelabeled 68-page Canva template equips you with materials to share the basics of meal planning with your clients. Keep everything all in one place and edit to suit your brand, style and approach to nutritional counseling.

Improving Sleep Quality Handout and Worksheet:

This resource helps draw the link between sleep quality and health with over 30 evidence-based tips. It features two layouts, a surprise feature that enhances usability.

page previews of mindful eating guide and handouts

Mindful Eating Guidelines, Activity and Reflection Questions:

Help your clients learn about their satisfaction factor, mindful eating and hunger cues using this 5-page editable handout.

Sell Your Canva Design Templates

Any design that you create in Canva can be shared with another Canva user, promoted and sold via RD2RD via your very own vendor store.

You can, of course, also sell them on your own website, and via other shops for purchase such at Etsy and Creative Market.

Your design becomes a template when you create and share a template link with others. Your design won’t be on display within the Canva templates library, but by generating a shareable template link, you can make your design available to others who have access to the link.

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Be sure to read the Canva licensing terms prior to creating and selling your own design templates that you create within Canva. There is a big difference between creating templates for use within Canva and templates you would download for use elsewhere.

And remember, promotion and marketing your design template is key. Write a product description, create product graphics to accompany your marketing content, and create a regular marketing cadence to make sure others know your incredible template is available for purchase!

Access our free Canva template seller’s guide – and get started today!

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