The RD2RD Live Show featured 25 experts in 2018.  It was nearly impossible to choose only 5.  But, if you are a Registered Dietitian that wants to grow your business in 2019, these are MUST watch episodes.

RD2RD Live Show Top 5 of 2018

1. Basics of SEO and Keyword Research with Lara Clevenger, MS, RD

The episode has been the top watched of the year and sparked conversation about SEO tools and tips. During the episode Lara explains how she used keyword research to boost her website traffic from 6,000 page views per month to more than 250,000 in 6 months.

In addition to explaining the steps, Lara shows the paid tool she uses to complete her research as well as recommends free tools that offer similar functionality.

This show gives you practical actions you can take with no major financial investments to increase the traffic to your website by focusing on optimizing your posts for search engines (SEO).

Whether you are a blogger or other business owner, this episode will change how you think about your content and website.

2. Increase Website Traffic with Smarter Pinterest Strategy with Chrissy Carroll, MPH, RD

Pinterest has the potential to drive significant traffic to your website, but just like any other platform, you need a strategy that gets results.

In this deep dive, Chrissy gives a detailed overview of how to create a high performing pin.  From researching keywords and writing an optimized pin description to creating an image for your pin, the level of detail and insight will leave you feeling confident.

In addition to showing the key components of a pin, Chrissy also shows how to ensure your blog post is optimized for Pinterest including essential image text to use and explains the pros and cons of rich pins for recipes.  To better explain these concepts, she gives a behind the scenes look at paid tools on her website.

If you are looking to up your Pinterest strategy, this is one Live Show episode you don’t want to miss.

3. Grow Your Blog: Content Creation and Promotion Strategy with Leesa Klich, MSc, R.H.N.

The process of blogging and promoting your posts across various social media platforms can feel overwhelming.  However without a solid and consistent process for both creating new content and sharing it, you will be missing out on traffic to your blog.

In this Live Show, Leesa simplifies the process and breaks down exactly the steps to take to make you blogging process organized and perform well.

Leesa shows how to use one consistent process across your email newsletter, social media and blog.  From what and when to post, this episode gives easy to implement action steps.

If you want to get more organized with how you promote your blog post to your followers on social media and your email list, this is a must watch episode.

4. Marketing and Selling Your Online Course with Heather Neal, MS, RD

As a blogger, you have the opportunity to market and sell products to your followers and site visitors.  However, you may not enjoy the process of “selling” or how to approach. You are not alone.

In this episode, Heather gives incredible insight into concepts related to attracting and nurturing the relationship with potential purchasers She also shares how she approaches marketing on social media and via email.

As a seasoned online business owner and the creator of the extremely successful RD Entrepreneur Symposium, the opportunity to learn from Heather’s marketing wizardy is a no-brainer.

If you struggle with getting “sales-y” or don’t know how to approach promoting products to your audience, this is a must-watch episode.

5. Lead Magnets and Compelling Copy with Orly Wachter, MS, RD

As a blogger, you want to convert site visitors to your email list. However, figuring out how to create a lead magnet that is compelling enough to get visitors to provide you with their email list can be hard.

In this episode Orly talks about some key concepts that will help you create a high-performing lead magnet.  From getting crystal clear on your target customer to figuring our where your audience “hangs out” you’ll find this episode will help you figure out what to offer that will get visitors on your list.

This episode also digs into the topic of how to write compelling copy.  However, as important as the lead magnet is the words you use to present it. The episode gives tips on how to identify and use language that will resonate with your audience.

If growing your email list is a priority, this episode will get you feeling clear and confident on exactly what lead magnet to use.

RD2RD Live Show 2018: Honorable Mentions

Selecting only 5 episodes was very difficult.  These episodes should be on your watch list as well. Click here to access to video library for all RD2RD Live Show episodes.

  • Better Writing Habits: Finding Time to Write with Ana Reisdorf, MS, RD
  • Sales Funnels & Facebook Ads with Luisa McClure, MS, RD
  • Using Video in Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Whitney Bateson, MPH, RD
  • Creating and Growing a Membership Site with Erica Julson, MS, RD, CLT
  • Rapid Growth and Engagement on Instagram® with Libby Rothschild, MS, RD, CPT


The RD2RD Live Show is a biweekly learning series. It is utilizes a live Q&A format and is broadcast via live stream to the RD2RD Marketplace Facebook page. Questions from viewers are encouraged and can be asked in advance or during the live event.

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